Windows of Antioch CC - Lunenburg County, Virginia -(Click in each photo to open a higher resolution)
Front Wall - Southeast Side

William James & Linda H Wilkinson
William James Wilkinson (1851-1908), son of Benjamin James Wilkinson and Mary Ann “Polly” Wilkinson, married Margaret Linda Hite (1856-1932, daughter of James Land Hite and Mary Jane Moore). These Wilkinsons were descendants of John Wilkinson, IV, who constructed the original portion of the Wilkinson homeplace now known as Glynholly, a few miles north of Antioch on the east side of the South Hill-Kenbridge Road. Directly across the road is land where Sterling Wilkinson, son of William James Wilkinson and Susan Wingfield Gregg (second wife), developed land now known as the Hilliard and Paschall farms, where Davis Young Paschall, Ph.D., grew up, later becoming a prominent state educator and president of the College of William and Mary; Davis and Elizabeth Paschall, the parents of Davis Young Paschall are buried at Antioch.
Front Wall - Northeast Side

Cornelius H & Mamie Barnes
Cornelius Hardy Barnes (1856-1920), son of Asa George Barnes and Missouri Clarkson Bridgforth), married Mary Eola “Mamie” Hite (1866-1937, daughter of Lewellyn Jones Hite and Sallie Lou Haskins of Ash Lane ). Both Cornelius and Mamie are buried at Kenbridge Heights Cemetery, Kenbridge.
South Wall 1st from East

Willie Smiley Parham 1879-1960
buried at Antioch
Willie Nora Smiley
1879–1960 BIRTH 2 DEC 1879 • Virginia DEATH 8 MAY 1960 • South Hill, Mecklenburg, Virginia, USA wife of John Samuel Parham 1878–1947 BIRTH OCT 1878 • Virginia DEATH 10 JUN 1947 Mother of Clarence M. Parham 1917-1967 and Richard F. Parham 1920-1979 Both sons are buried at Antioch

John Samuel Parham, and wife, Willie Smiley Parham, are the Aunt and Uncle of Nellie May Parham Overby.
South Wall 2nd from East

Christopher & Harriet Haskins
Christopher Columbus Haskins (1820-1894), son Christopher Haskins and Sarah [ ], married Martha “May” Harriet Blackwell in May 1841 (1822-1874, dau of Robert Blackwell and Mary “Polly” Ann Abernathy), next married Lucy Araminta Farrar. Before moving to Boydton (Mecklenburg County) after his second marriage, Christopher and May lived at Oak Grove, former home of Thomas Adams, Methodist minister, about a mile south of Loch Leven [Blackwell’s Store], home of Robert “Robin” Blackwell and Minerva Elizabeth Hardy. Both Christopher and May are buried in the old Haskins family cemetery at Oak Grove.
South Wall 3rd from East

J R Featherstun and Anne E Featherstun
John Richard Featherstun (June 1824-1904), son of Joshua Featherstun (1788-1848) and Anne Wilkinson (1800-post 1879), was elected a lieutenant in the Loch Leven Rangers, Company G, Ninth Virginia Cavalry organized at Non-Intervention Church on 6 Feb 1861. He married in November 1866 Anne Elizabeth “Bettie” Haskins (March 1842-1920), daughter of Christopher Columbus Haskins and Martha “May” Harriet Blackwell, who are buried at the Haskins family cemetery at Oak Grove, Bacon’s Fork, former home of Thomas Adams, Methodist minister, Lunenburg CoVA).
South Wall 4th from East

R A Blackwell and Pattie Blackwell
Robert Augustus Blackwell (1832-1911), son of Robert Blackwell and Mary “Polly” Ann Abernathy), was elected color sergeant of the newly formed Loch Leven Rangers, Company G, Ninth Virginia Cavalry, organized at Non-Intervention Church, Lunenburg County, on 6 Feb 1861; he enlisted at St. John’s Church on 20 May 1861 in the Flat Rock Riflemen (formerly Loch Leven Rangers) 20th Regiment of the Virginia Volunteer Army of the CSA, Captain David R. Stokes's company. He married in November 1864 Martha "Pattie" Dance Blackwell (1842-1899), a daughter of John Chapman Blackwell and Mary Bertonia Letcher). Robert inherited Midlothian from his father Thomas Blackwell in 1820.
Pulpit West Wall South side

Eppa and Mary W Hite
Eppa Hite (1848-1918), son of James Land Hite and Mary Jane Moore, married in 1879 Mary Winfield Wilkinson (1854-1939), daughter of Benjamin James Wilkinson and Mary Ann “Polly” Wilkinson. Both Eppa and his wife are buried at Antioch.
Pulpit West Wall North side

John R and Hallie E Bacon, grandson Robert C Bacon
John Richard Bacon (May 1869- ), son of William M Bacon (1825- ) and Sarah M. (1835- ), married ca 1895 Harriet Ann “Hallie” Featherstun (Feb 1873- ), daughter of John Richard Featherstun and Anne Elizabeth “Bettie” Haskins). John and Hallie’s son John Richard Bacon, Jr., (Aug 1896-1964), married Ella Rowland/Roland (1906-1997); they made their home at Oak Grove, now 2384 Bacon’s Fork Road. Both of them are buried at Antioch. They were parents of John Richard Bacon, III, (1931-2004) and Robert Carroll Bacon (1934-1952), also buried at Antioch. Sometime before the death of John Richard Bacon, III, the Oak Grove family farm was designated a Century Farm, having been farmed by the same family for over 100 years.
North Wall 1st from West

J W Wilkinson
John William Wilkinson (1838-1908) was a son of William Wilkinson and Susan Wingfield Gregg (second wife). He later married Agnes Thweatt Meredith and lived at Glynholly. Both John and Agnes are buried at Antioch. Their son William Wingfield Wilkinson married (1) Bessie East and (2) Lucy Meade Allen Price and practiced medicine in La Crosse, VA. In 1924, Dr. Wilkinson deeded land to Antioch Church next to the parsonage for enlargement of the Antioch church cemetery.
North Wall 2nd from West

J J Featherstun
Joshua J. Featherstun (Dec 1830- ), son of Joshua Featherstun and Anne Wilkinson, was a brother of John Richard Featherstun (1824-1904). A marriage bond dated Jan 1872 lists his bride as Jennie G. Wilkinson (Mar 1845- ). The 1900 census lists three children: Morris, James, Robert. The elder Joshua Featherstun, father of J. J. and J. R., performed many marriages in early Lunenburg County.
North Wall 3rd from West

Sallie O Neblett
Sallie Orgain Blackwell (1839-1911), daughter of Robert “Robin” Blackwell and Minerva Elizabeth Hardy, married May 1866 as second wife of Dr. Sterling Neblett, Jr. (1825-1877), son of Sterling Neblett and Ann Smith MacFarland). They lived at Woodland, and are buried there in the Neblett Family cemetery.
North Wall 4th from West

J T, Lucy N, and T H Turner
James Thomas Turner (ca 1874- ), son of William B. Turner and Missouri A. Johnson, married 1909 Lucy Neblett (1876-1959 buried Antioch), daughter of Sallie Orgain Blackwell and Dr. Sterling Neblett, Jr. They had three children: Benjamin Sterling Turner (1909-2000, married Lucille Ingram and both are buried at Williams United Methodist Church), Blackwell Johnson Turner (1911-1994, buried at Antioch), and Thomas Humphries/Humphrey Turner, (1914-1944, buried in France, memorial stone at Antioch.) James Thomas Turner and wife Lucy inherited the Woodland property from Lucy’s parents.
Thomas H. Turner
World War II
Service # 33155766 Rank Private First Class, U.S. Army Unit 115th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division Entered Service From Virginia Date of Death June 8, 1944
Plot H Row 16 Grave 7
Normandy American Cemetery
Colleville-sur-Mer, France
Balcony East Wall North side

Rev. Henley Roane

Pastor at Antioch from 1954 -1960

Henley Stephen Roane, son of Samuel and Ida Roane, was born July 17, 1902 at Cash, in Gloucester County, VA.
Balcony East Wall Center

John Haskins Featherstun 1873–1955; buried at Antioch
Son of John Richard Featherston 1824–1904 & Ann Elizabeth Haskins 1842–1920
Husband of Lizzie Lee Hawthorne 1885–1979
Father of John Richard Featherstun 1905–1932; Charlie Comer Featherstun 1908–1995;
Mary Elizabeth Featherston 1911–2003; and Lloyd Blackwell Featherstun 1913–1976
Balcony East Wall South side

Ozlin and Callis

Donated by the families of Ashton Ozlin, Franklin Callis and Elroy Callis

Windows Timeline

3 windows on N. Wall and 3 on S. Wall of sancutary were Not stained glass in 1913 photo, probably added in 1920s.

Construction and remodeling - Balcony and front stairs, and rooms at the front on each side of entrance added early 1920s. The recessed Pulpit was added about the same time. The galley over the back of the santcuary was removed and the South side door to the galley stairs was removed.

Stained Glass windows on West Wall of rescessed Pulpit were likely added in the late 1950s, possibly early 1960s.

4th windows on N. & S. Walls East end, and balcony windows were not stain glass until after 1952 photos; probably changed to stain glass in the early 1960s.

2 windows on front East Wall were moved from Providence in the early 1970s.